Ode to David Esrati by the Ice Bandit

I maintain this site to spread ideas and information- to try to key people in on what’s happening in Dayton from an objective point of view. It’s a labor of love- and a way to connect to a community that I think is awesome, but that has to choose between Slim and None when it comes to elected leadership thanks to the powers that won’t let go.

Commenter “Ice Bandit” posted this ode as a comment– I thought it worthy of its own post:

I’ll sign your petition Dave Esrati
Though my activism as late has been spotty.
We’ll throw support to you,
You seem to have a clue,
to keep this town from sliding into the potty…

Folks in town are tired of waitin’,
to see improvement in Dayton,
we seem to have a curse,
things could not be worse,
if the mayor we elected was Satan.

We’ll rename city hall the House of David.
And this towns grim destiny will be save-ed.
It might be awfully cute,
If we all campaigned in a ninja suit,
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled it’s not depraved.

Darn it, I broke my G banjo string. Gotta’ run to Hauers as soon as they open. More lyrics on the way…….

Although- I’d really like it if City Hall was gone- and we had UniGov hall- and the people felt like it was theirs, and not the politicians’.

Wishful thinking. Now off to the blood center to donate platelets– more on that later.

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