Taking responsibility for school funding- locally

Since the State of Ohio refuses to address the constitutionality of school funding- and our local schools are being forced to suffer because of it- maybe it’s time for the “Leaders” at the County level to step up.

Dan Foley, Judy Dodge, Debbie Lieberman- this is for you:

Make a County wide school levy. One levy- every district, then, allocate funds based on need.  Eliminate all local school boards, consolidate all admin functions in the “Palace” on Ludlow. One Superintendent, One System.

With the savings from cutting out XX number of different administrators- we can focus on two things- teachers in classrooms- and making the Dayton Promise come alive- every graduate would get a 2 year degree from Sinclair if wanted.

We can’t keep doing what were doing and expect it to be different.

There is only one thing that makes education happen- and it ain’t bureaucracy- it’s teachers in classrooms. Let’s make a wholesale effort at maximizing that ratio- and minimizing overhead- and the pain of pursuing all these levies.

Get over the power battles- get over the importance of “self-rule”- all that counts is smarter kids.

Jesse Jackson had it right- do we want first class jails- or first class schools. The two are directly related.  Let’s get our priorities straight.

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