Take me to your leaders?

A question for my readers: Since the local political parties can’t seem to bring forward new leaders, who are the people you think could or should be stepping forward to run for Dayton City Commission?

Is there someone we could run as a write in- or a slate of two?

Who would make things interesting, and move things forward?

I’m going to start with a few names:

Amy Radachi of  Rebuilding together 

Devon Berry of DECA

David Bohardt of St. Mary Development Corporation

your turn:

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John Ise

David Esrati

David Esrati
David Esrati

Thanks John- but I was looking for people who may be electable. :-)

Bruce Kettelle


Don’t cut yourself short just yet.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Although I only posted this last night- I’m still wondering: who are the potential candidates that could create some positive energy? There have to be a few more bright, energetic people out there- who aren’t part of the party oligarchy. Let’s identify them- help me out.
Remember- they have to live in the City.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Mark Jeffers – Case Western Grad and Dayton Circus member. He could probably energize enough people to get on the ballot, but what would be the point?


“Drexel” Dave Sparks.

…though I’ve read old Double D is going for the big win, and running for the top of the ticket, not commission.

There is Joe Lacey. I know he is a Dem party activist/insider (probably too much of one for you all) but his win for the school board proves that an openly gay person, a fairly young openly gay person, can run and win citywide in Dayton. Having him run for commission would certainly shake things up a bit, but I don’t know if he’s interested.


I was skeptical but Dave Bonhardt sold me as he made saving the Arcade part of his campaign platform for mayor. But he lost. So why would he be interested in running again for local office?


I think David Esrati is the man. Go for it. Once or twice failed, who cares. Even I’d vote for you and even I would give you money. At the very least you want to do it, and at the most you will work hard as hell, work for change, and actually try to make a difference. I think it is time for another shot, why not? David is one of a few people in Dayton who cares ….. even though I do disagree with him often, it makes perfect sense.

David Esrati
David Esrati

I’m flabbergasted.
I failed 6x though.
To run a write in campaign that has a chance- we would need more than one candidate. So- keep the ideas coming.