Dayton Most Metro thinks small

The first thing I’d abolish if I was the “HMFIC” (an Army term, not suited for proper use) is abolish the boundaries of “Downtown” in Dayton. To me, the Dayton Art Institute, Fifth Third Field, The Cannery, Miami Valley Hospital and UD are all Downtown- as are the Oregon District, South Park, McPherson Town, St. Annes Hill etc.

So when I see this post on Dayton Most Metro this morning- I think, damn, more small thinkers (of course, the admin’s of Most Metro are connected to one of the restaurants on the list- but still…)

“It may be Monday, but SPRING IS HERE!!!  So if you’re working downtown, you HAVE to get out there for lunch.  Click Here to see a map of all of the restaurants in the Downtown Dayton Central Business District.

Arcade Seafoods
Breakfast Club
China Royal
Christo’s Greek Deli
Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers
Dayton Racquet Club
Donut & More
Dugout Deli 
Flying Pizza
Gold Star Chili
Great Steak  & Potato Co.
Limbo’s Bar and Grille
Lucky Dragon
Mandarin Kitchen
Mister D’s Cafeteria
Moraine Embassy Bar & Grill
Mr. Hyman’s Fine Dining
My Favorite Muffin
Polo Grille at the Doubletree
Quizno’s Classic Subs
Roly Poly Sandwiches
Shannon’s Rockin’ Sub Shack
Spaghetti Warehouse
Subby’s (Downtown #1)
Subby’s (Downtown #2)
Swisher’s Cafe and Catering
Swishers Too Café & Catering
Terra Cotta Cafe
The 88 Club
Uno Chicago Bar  & Grille

So- I ask all of you- don’t think small- and think of coming down to Coco’s, Dewey’s Pizza, Milano’s, Thai 9, the Dublin Pub, Franco’s, Pacchia, etc. for your lunch on a wonderful Monday. Tell them Esrati sent you.

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I think that site lists places by neighborhood. That list is for places that are all downtown, so would be convenient for the lunch crowd.

Phillip Ranly

Why so concerned about boundary lines? I’m a small thinker also, I wouldn’t consider the surrounding neighborhoods to be part of downtown (Oregon and Webster Station are the exceptions).

I’ve heard you say this several times but I don’t think I’ve heard an explanation of why. It just doesn’t make that much of a difference to me either way though. Call it St. Anne’s Hill or Downtown, it has no bearing on any choices I make or where I dine. Correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t really want to abolish the boundaries of “Downtown” but just rearrange them.


I think you don’t want to look at two things here, David.

You, for one, should respect plugging your own business on your own blog, as you suggest the admin is doing here. Hell, you have even plugged The Next Wave on DMM. And they still respectfully link to your blog. (

Secondly, there is, and will be different business districts in Dayton. I think this helps to section the walking area and give you an idea what is within range. This post may also address the “Think Different” attitude, getting patronizing human traffic downtown, other than just lost souls who loiter the sidewalks waiting on a bus.

I see what you’re trying to do, here. But don’t deny that we need to refocus on the Downtown District. Places such as Oregon Business District and the Rubicon Business District are going to be fine without you sending stomachs there. Downtown is, and will be, separate. You know I worked downtown at one time, and I know the difference. If I don’t have to, I’m not going to drive anywhere for lunch. Unless you want to pay me for a three-hour lunch so I can walk from Kettering Tower to Milanos on Brown St., than we’re not going to call Milanos “Downtown”.

There needs a preview button.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Dugout Deli- or Brixx? it’s only another block.
And yet another block holds the 2nd Street public market- (only open Th-Sat).
I tend to walk a bit farther than most- when I’m in NYC I’ll almost always walk 30 blocks instead of hopping on the subway.
I’m still arguing that our definition of Downtown is too small- our definition of the “Brand” Dayton is too small- and that we need to think bigger to get bigger.
It was just another opportunity to make a point.
As to getting to Milano’s for lunch- without driving- well- back before RTA- we had many small bus companies- and most of them ran circulator routes- instead of hub-and-spoke routes. If we had the light rail, or more circulator routes like what the Wright Trolley’s used to do- we may be able to increase mobility and variety in choices of where to eat.
Downtown isn’t really necessary anymore- with electronic communications- so the key, is creating a vibrant place to interact with other like minded people.
Just food for thought- as opposed to food for lunch.