Wayne Avenue Kroger

When you need infrastructure, don’t ask Dayton

A perfect example of how we don’t do real economic development. The Twin Valley mental hospital can’t be reopened because- we don’t have a road to it. We spent millions of dollars to blight a neighborhood at Wayne and Wyoming for a speculative Kroger store- but, can’t come up with money to build a road Read More

Is Dayton City Hall getting smarter?

Where were the guarantees of performance that should have of been in place for the Wayne Avenue Kroger and the “Ballpark Village” “development” debacles? Before investing our tax dollars the city should have some kind of guarantee in place that the developer actually has to follow through or make the city whole after it does Read More

Writing off the big picture. The MidPark silver bullet

If your business is a restaurant, you can spend all day dreaming about the fine china you want to buy, or the dishes you could prepare, or you could work hard on working with what you have. If you are the City of Dayton, you come up with dreams for “MidPark” the area just North Read More

Safety and you- and the rest of the story

Today the Dayton Daily News ran another article about the City Commission race. However, with their drop in readership, it’s not going to make much of a difference come election day. So far, the TV news has ignored the commission race in it’s entirety- with only a little coverage of the Mayoral. There is more Read More

Belt tightening isn’t going to solve the Dayton financial problem

No real time to write a full post about this- but, either Joey or Nan should be happy I’m running, because next year won’t be easy. The city is projecting a $20M shortfall next year: The city of Dayton’s financial woes grow deeper with budget estimates for 2010 predicting up to a $20 million shortfall. Read More

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