Grocery shopping in Dayton: my mom’s view

We take a lot of things in Dayton for granted. My mother, who just moved down from Cleveland, where she would drive all over to do her “marketing”- or grocery shopping to the rest of us, has given me some perspective to share.

She thinks the produce at Kroger on Wayne is great- esp. after they restock on Mondays and Thursdays. She likes the small store- and can walk there from South Park.

Dot’s is her favorite though. Only being here a month- she’s taken a liking to the amazing customer service. The meat counter will cut anything she wants, and even has chicken backs for making soup. Dad’s loving giblets and gizzards and all the stuff that I’m still a little twitchy about eating, but the old fashioned, real butchering they do, makes my mom happy. Dad also marveled at how the guy who was pulling old English muffins off the shelf dropped everything to go get a brand new fresh package for my father.

She was used to Trader Joe’s in Cleveland, even though it was a long haul. She likes the one we have, although, you can’t get everything you need from TJ’s.

She thinks Dorothy Lane Market is a bit “dear”- but, has everything- including some extra light virgin olive oil she likes. Also, they stocked the powdered buttermilk she likes- something the Kroger manager said he’d stock if she showed him a package.

I’ve introduced her to my favorite vendors at the Second Street market. The baby spinach from Hydro-Growers, the fresh cheeses from Blue Jacket Dairy, the bread from Rahn’s Artisan bread, and the “Armando” tomatoes and pungent garlic from the little organic farmers who set up outside next to the Grand Lake St. Mary’s people. I should have the name of the organic farm- but, I don’t.

She’s also made great friends at Halal International Market where she can buy bulk spices, Bulgar, olives, feta, Jasmine pita- and Labne- all just a short walk from the cottage.

I haven’t taken her to “Basically British” yet in the Cannery- but she just got a care package from my English cousins who came for a visit last week. She was born in the UK- and still likes her “Digestives” – a dry, sweet, buttery biscuit that begs for milk.

Me, I’m just happy to be able to see the parents everyday- and get a few home cooked meals a week.

For all you foodies in Dayton- the ingredients are here, if you know where to look. And, with the exception of Kroger and Trader Joes, you can still be supporting local businesses with your grocery dollars.

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