The terrorists at Toyota


It’s a powerful weapon. It’s also a great diversion. While you’re terrified, you typically don’t think about things rationally- or tend to make good decisions.

Masters of propaganda know this. Manipulated masses don’t.

The whole “news story” about Toyota’s engineering problem is just another instance of the magician distracting you while they do their magic.

As Toyota rolls out fixes for sticky gas pedals, the automaker is coming under scrutiny from federal investigators who say the faulty pedals are not the only cause of sudden acceleration. Electronic defects may also have contributed to the problem, say investigators and independent safety experts. Federal safety regulators have begun an investigation into Toyota’s electronic throttle control system, which connects the accelerator pedal to the engine via sensors that send electric signals, rather than a mechanical cable.

via Toyota recall: Are sticky gas pedals the real culprit? / The Christian Science Monitor –

Even if hundreds of people had died daily (instead of the 18 over years) from this rare defect, it’s still less than killed daily from lack of access to adequate health care in this country.

What’s even more interesting is the questions being raised about the process of reporting and reaction to this issue. We seem to take more interest in if Toyota was “covering up” this “crime” and taking glee in watching the Japanese David that toppled the US Goliath (GM).

To have the U.S. Transportation Secretary even waste his breath on this with his misstatement borders on lunacy. The reality is you probably have a better chance of being struck by lightening twice, killed by terrorists or slipping on a banana peel than dying from a Toyota gas pedal.

Where is the investigation of how Wall Street bankrupted the county- from your 401K to the State, County and City treasuries? Why is this country afraid to face the reality that people are still buying and trading in Credit Default Swaps- on entire countries debt?

If your greatest fear is to drive your Toyota- there is no hope for you.

While Rome burns? Here’s Greg on the Toyota gas pedal issue:

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