Walk to work tax credit

A lesson for Dayton- and the rest of the country

As long as we have a patchwork taxation system, we’ll have companies moving around for the best possible situation. Tax evasion/aversion shouldn’t be part of any business model, but, in these days of short term goals over long term plans- we see many such shortsighted moves (NCR to NYC and Atlanta?) American Greetings Corp., the Read More

The problems with property taxes- an opening discussion

Beauty is only skin deep. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to property tax appraisals in Dayton- both of these come into play. However, neither is helping us. I’ve heard people say: “I don’t want to fix up the outside of my house because the property taxes will go up” Read More

Incentives equal corporate welfare, nothing else

In today’s Dayton Daily News, Business Editor Arundi Venkayya Cox has an opinion piece on the front page of the business section “Incentives help lure business to Ohio.” It’s not available on the site, nor does a search of her name return a single result. Needless to say, that may be the paper’s way of Read More

It’s the men in suits who’ve messed it all up.

When I started riding the scooter as my main form of transportation, I pretty much abandoned the suit for jeans and boots. When I saw “An inconvenient truth” I came to the conclusion that we need to figure out how to end our dependency on fossil fuel- and my walk to work tax credit idea Read More

Biz center opens- as real biz is ready to pack it in.

I’m not the development authority, yet in the last month, three businesses have come to me asking for help, because the city just doesn’t seem to want to talk sensibly. We’ve had a “One Stop” permitting center for years, but now, we have the new and improved “Dayton Business Resource Center” On Monday, Feb. 9, Read More

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