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It’s time to reevaluate what working for the city means

The old joke goes, “What are the nine most feared words in the English language? ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ ” What does having a government job mean? It would seem for most of the workers that we the people employ- that they have a guaranteed job for life, with “lower Read More

We trust you with a gun, but not your timesheet?

In yet another piece of odd drama, the Dayton FOP is coming out with both guns blazing. This time, they are protesting the implementation of time clocks for the department, which will probably force the city to pay their members more. Excuse me, yes, you read that right- the head of the union is against Read More

Dayton and unpaid holidays- and stupid work schedules

In an effort to save money, the City is suggesting employees don’t get paid for days that they don’t work- imagine that. Now, when you throw in that some safety employees have to work those days, asking them to work without a premium is a bit tough- and that’s where the Police union doesn’t want Read More