Dayton and unpaid holidays- and stupid work schedules

In an effort to save money, the City is suggesting employees don’t get paid for days that they don’t work- imagine that. Now, when you throw in that some safety employees have to work those days, asking them to work without a premium is a bit tough- and that’s where the Police union doesn’t want to back down.

There is a lot more to this than what you’ll read in the Dayton Daily News story:

The city of Dayton’s 454 non union employees, executives and mid level managers will forgo pay on four of 11 holidays….

The holidays are Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday and Memorial Day.

via Unpaid holidays in future for some Dayton workers.

The reality is, the City has been too good to some employees for a long time. Like the waste collectors who have a “make out and quit” schedule- that allows them to count a full 8 hour day- as long as they get their route done- sometimes in half that. They get paid holiday pay and work on Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July- basically every holiday but Christmas, a policy that has to stop. No other waste collector does this, you just work regular overtime the next day and double your route (imagine that).

The police department and the courts make an amazing mess of overtime pay as well. When cops have to show up in court, which runs 8-4 for the lawyers and judges, yet the cops who work 2nd and 3rd shifts- routinely get paid a full day to show up- for a short appearance. There is no easy answer to solve this, however, I’m aware that efforts have been made to make this process more efficient.

The reality is, everyone needs to chip in to help make it through this budget process and the police union isn’t coming off as a team player. We appreciate what they are asked to do, but there have to be other, innovative, ways to save money in the department.

Is it time to stat thinking about radical options? Probably. Maybe we need to put convicts behind the garbage trucks instead of union workers? Want a shorter sentence? Pick up the trash. If I can work a trash truck as a citizen on alley cleanup, why can’t we put society’s detritus to work- and free up the trash collectors to maintain parks and roadways?

There are a lot of intelligent discussions we could have about ways to conserve capital, but the one being had between the FOP and the City Manager isn’t one of them.

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