Seth Godin

If this doesn’t sound like Dayton news organizations…

Seth Godin lists the 12 pitfalls of cable news. If this doesn’t sound like the local news to you, you’re not paying attention. Cable news thinking has nothing to do with fires or with politics. Instead, it amplifies the worst elements of emotional reaction: Focus on the urgent instead of the important. Vivid emotions and Read More

Risk; and electing challengers

Seth Godin wrote about risk and apparent risk today on his blog. And while the Dayton Daily News seems to think (“Incumbents Joey Williams and Nan Whaley …are the best bets for Dayton voters.”) that adding one or two heretics to the Dayton City Commission would be a really bad decision- the reality is, it Read More

Seth Godin on running for office-

Seth Godin is a blogger- only he has a million readers. He’s taken his blog and turned it into books. The current one on leadership, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us has been a top seller on Amazon. He has an excerpt on his blog today: Leadership is scarce because few people are willing Read More

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