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The Dayton Development Coalition is listening to

Back on Feb 18th I suggested the Dayton Development Coalition put together a bid for Google Fiber to come to Dayton. Today they launched another “Real Art” production (from the folks that brought you Qbase, Get Midwest, H2OH! and that “wonderful” Dayton Region Rally) the site, get this, From the Dayton Daily: “We’re really Read More launches- yawn.

Well, almost 5 months after the campaign hit the fan, the website finally launched- and Lori Turner didn’t get to overbill for Real Art’s services, like she had on everything else. The Dayton Development Coalition spent a million dollars- and this is what we have: – Dayton Region The Dayton Region in Southwest Ohio Read More

Dayton Development Coalition grants another no-bid to Real Art

The Dayton Development Coalition is about to launch a new website. That’s good, because the old one was but ugly and absolutely useless without search capabilities. Apparently, the contractor is Real Art, owned in part by Bev Shillito, one of the trustees. And once again, no-bid, although I’m pretty sure the DDC can’t say that Read More

“Get Midwest” price rises again- more tax dollars involved

You read about Beverly Shillito and her dual role as Dayton Development Coalition board person and co-owner of Real Art here last Wednesday: Connect the dots: Dayton Development Coalition Board- hire your own, no-bid And then on Thursday, I diagrammed the whole thing: The Flowchart: Your money to the congressman and his pals where I Read More

The Flowchart: Your money to the congressman and his pals

Jeffrey at Daytonology suggested a flow chart of the “Get Midwest” campaign created by the Dayton Development Coalition for the “Dayton Region.” It was a good suggestion, because when looking at the relationships, I also did some digging. I probably should have made it even more interactive, with links on each Trustee that had given Read More

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