Randy Beane

Police hiring process as flawed as our charter

Before we go into any discussion about the hiring processes in place in the City of Dayton- one must ask how  a problem can last this long, with no resolution in sight. This has been an issue for twenty years (I had a position on the “consent decree” in my first literature when I ran Read More

We trust you with a gun, but not your timesheet?

In yet another piece of odd drama, the Dayton FOP is coming out with both guns blazing. This time, they are protesting the implementation of time clocks for the department, which will probably force the city to pay their members more. Excuse me, yes, you read that right- the head of the union is against Read More

A recall, really? Cops come before economic development people in my book

I’m a firm believer in delivering great service, a quality product, and then spend money on advertising- and I’m in advertising. The City of Dayton would rather spend money on people who talk about how great it is, instead of on actually delivery of that promise. We’ve got a major problem here. The Dayton Business Read More