Hand marking an instant runoff ballot

Choice: American as apple pie, unless we’re talking politics

America talks about spreading “democracy” across the globe- but, I believe we need to reexamine what passes for “democracy” in this country. We talk about the right to choose who leads, who makes our laws and our “certain inalienable rights” that grant us the right to have choices- unless of course, it’s to have an Read More

20 slides, 20 seconds each- makes for a fun evening: Dayton Pecha-kucha Thursday night

Direct from the press release: A great line-up of inspiring presentations await you this Thursday, February 3, 7:15PM at The Neon. $5 for the program which includes the documentary DIVE! Not only do we have a great venue (The Neon has a nice variety of beer on sale at the break),  we’ve got speakers who Read More

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