Hara should be the new fairgrounds, run by MetroParks and the Convention and Visitors bureau

It’s time to stop playing around with the fairgrounds relocation. The first clue should have been when Hamvention moved to Greene County. The second should have been when a local pro-sports franchise decided to sit out a season. Dayton built a really nice stadium for the Dragons and gave it away for 20 years. The Read More

Randy Gunlock just discovers Esrati’s Sportsplex proposal

The headline is me being sarcastic. I’ve pushed the idea of a central massive sports/rec plex on the former public housing site between 1-75, the river, Helena and Keowee for years. I suggested instead of 6 new Dayton rec centers- we just build one amazing centralized one- instead, we ended with 2 semi-lame ones. The Read More

Don’t skate after eight?

Only Metroparks would close down an ice rink full of people at 8 p.m. over Winter break- and leave the ice empty. I guess they want us to go home- and watch TV- or go drink at bars. The whole point of having a covered outdoor ice rink- is to let people skate. If they Read More

Beautiful Dayton

Today I’m joined by my friend, the talented Dayton professional nature photographer, Jim Crotty. If you don’t see beauty around you- you need to spend a day with Jim- or at least head over to his website to see what he sees. He’s won national awards for photos taken right outside his door. Jim Read More