media bias

Can anyone predict elections anymore?

My father used to have a large black glass tray which had the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman” and the story from the front page of the Chicago Tribune from the day after the election in 1948. Dad said it was a reminder to always get the facts straight. And, back then, newspapers still endorsed candidates, Read More

Dayton media bias called out

Remember when a guru was going to buy the old Society/Key bank building for half-a-million dollars at auction, and the Dayton Daily News crawled up his legal behind with a microscope, questioning everything about him? I do. I wrote about it: “You must be crazy – to invest in Dayton” It turned out they were Read More

Media bias in choice of photos of Republican Presidential primary coverage

Media bias in choice of pictures: Dayton Daily quietly endorses Romney & Santorum

Front page of the Dayton Daily News, centered, above the fold. Photos of the four Republican candidates involved in the Feb. 22, 2012, debate in Mesa, Arizona. If we ignore the headline that places  Romney and Santorum as the only two possible contenders, and just examine the picture spread, we have 2 candidates looking thoughtful, Read More