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Why So Incompetent?

Warning: this post is the equivalent of pouring gas on yourself and then welding. There are some institutions in Dayton Ohio and vicinity that can do no wrong. I’ve already challenged some of the other sacred cows- like Sinclair Community College by asking why they were expanding to Warren County- while we pay two different Read More

Dayton Daily news steps to new lows: Candidate faced misdemeanor battery charge

The free part of this Dayton Daily news “article” reads: Candidate faced misdemeanor battery charge The Republican candidate for the Montgomery County commission was arrested in Florida in 1987 after he was accused of shoving his then-wife and breaking a window at their home while carrying a knife, according to a police report obtained by Read More

Pulitzers for blow jobs.

I’m not sure that Joseph Pulitzer would be proud of this year’s winners. The Detroit Free Press: For a distinguished example of reporting on significant issues of local concern, demonstrating originality and community expertise, in print or online or both, Ten thousand dollars $10,000. Awarded to Detroit Free Press Staff, and notably Jim Schaefer and Read More

Sensationalizing the obvious: the chicken little news

We’re facing tough times. I don’t need a newspaper to tell me that- every single day. Today there was a story about people ditching their cars for insurance money, real effect on most of us, negligible. Damage to our attitude and psyche, progressively worse. We’ve had two bold, daylight murders- both drug related. Effect on Read More

In Dayton, we have DaytonOS- and why.

The New York Times has a piece on local websites taking the place of the local newspaper. It’s not something I want to see, but, since the Dayton Daily News has almost given up on real journalism, I think it’s a trend we need to watch: A number of Web start-up companies are creating so-called Read More