Joseph Lutz

Who is Joe Lutz who is running for Dayton City Commission?

I’ve know Joe Lutz, aka Joey London, for at least a dozen years. He lives in my neighborhood, South Park, but hasn’t been involved in the neighborhood organization. His house, on Warren Street, was one of the ones Miami Valley Hospital hasn’t been able to acquire and tear down, despite repeated tries. I am used Read More

The 2013 Petition counts

From the Board of Elections: GARY D LEITZELL – DAYTON MAYOR Candidate GARY D LEITZELL Number of Required Signatures 500 Number of Valid Signatures 835 Performance index 75% 1120 signatures, 835 valid Verified Part Petitions: 37 Circulator Signature Count: 1120 Verified Signature Count: 1051 Valid Signature Count: 835 Detail of Invalid Signatures 4 Lined out Read More