Joe Biden

Endorsements that don’t matter in Montgomery County

While I grew up believing voting was one of the most important things I could do to be an American, it’s elections like this that make a case for giving up on democracy. Now, that question about “being an American” is very real to me, both my parents were born outside the US and citizenship Read More

Has terrorism been redefined?

In the opening salvo of the debate, Congressman Paul Ryan has defined the killing of the U.S. Ambassador in Libya a “terrorist attack” and blamed our government (of which he was part) of being unprepared and under manned. Malarkey. The real terrorist act is Ryan’s use of fear for political gain. I’ll start with the Read More

If you wouldn’t say it after the election, you shouldn’t say it before one.

At some point America should put the smackdown on political speech. It’s starting to get dangerous. In our do and say anything to get elected environment, hiding under the protection of “free speech” and counting on the slowness of the courts and regulatory authorities to act, we’re undermining the power of those who do get Read More

President Sarah Palin?

John McCain is old. Being president is tough. If he is to fall over, he’s picked a real experienced backstop to have her finger on the button: Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. All I can say, is Joe Biden just got an easy debate schedule. John McCain’s central and best argument in this campaign is Read More