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Who to vote for in Dayton on Nov 2, 2021

Early voting can cause serious buyers remorse.

Source: Why you should never early vote | Esrati [1]

I wrote that about a month ago. For those of you who voted for the “endorsed democratic party candidates” – you now know that the party is neither democratic, or to be trusted [2].

For the Mayors race you have 3 choices- vote for Jeff Mims, who will knowingly hold illegal meetings – and then NOT participate, knowing it is wrong (he stood outside the building at Valerie Elementary while his illegal task force went in the building). He doesn’t give 2 shits about you, your neighborhood, your schools, all he cares about is looking good, talking like he has a plan, and in the long haul, has no significant accomplishments, despite years of elected office. He has been a mentor to a lot of young men, and is a veteran, but, he’s been around too many people who willingly sell you out- and said nothing.

Or, you can vote for a self-righteous, religious, retired fire fighter, Rennes Bowers, who went to DC as part of the insurrection to “pray for our country.” This functional idiot calls himself a “registered independent” which is a way of saying he never voted in partisan primaries- or, just doesn’t understand how the system works. He claims, his career of being a Dayton Firefighter somehow prepares him to be a solo voice on a commission with 4 people who won’t have any use for him. Without 2 other candidates- he’s pissing in the wind.

Or- you can just not vote for either. Which is dangerous in itself. I’d have to pick the devil we know over the devil we don’t know and vote for Mims- and then work to expose him, Joseph and Shaw for their part in the “culture of corruption” and boot all three.

On the commission side, it’s a no-brainer. Despite Darryl Fairchild being fairly ineffective in his first term, which he won in the special election to replace “The Manchurian/FBI candidate” Joey WIlliams, he deserves to be re-elected. At least he listens to the community, even if he’s been drowned out by the four other uncharged criminals. He’s been in the same position Bowers would be in if he’s elected. Vote for Fairchild- and demand that he find his voice this term.

From the primary, Shenise Turner-Sloss was the easy leader of the four candidates- which is why the losers endorsed by the party decided to go after her hard with their hit pieces- mailed under the cover of the State Democratic Party. This is her third run for commission- and she deserves her chance at proving she has what it takes. (full disclosure- I’ve done work for Fairchild, Turner-Sloss this election cycle and one of the other “endorsed candidates” in another race). Shenise also has more of an interest in protecting voters rights- than kissing developers asses- or running pay-to-play schemes like the current Mayor.

For the school board- I’ve already fully explained who and why to voter for 1 person on the ballot- and to write in 3 in this post: Who to vote for: Dayton Public School Board- and why [3]

But to make it super clear:

Vote for: Chrisondra Goodwine

Write in:

  1. Ronnee Tingle
  2. Eugene Jackson
  3. Ken Hayes

You don’t have a choice on Dayton Clerk of Courts- Marty Gehres is running unopposed. This never should have happened. He’s not worthy of your vote. If we could get three good people on the commission, the best way to get rid of Marty would be to hire out the Clerk of Courts job to the county- and fire him- and his den of patronage. Don’t vote for him. He’s guaranteed to win- you can’t write anyone in, and it’s a 6 year term.

As to Issue 1, I have one name for you to remember: Takoda Collins. Despite a ton of money thrown into human services- as long as we continue to let political nepotism keep Helen Jones-Kelley [4] in power, there will continue to be waste and failure. This is a renewal levy- and they say “no increase in taxes” – but seem to forget that the County Auditor raised the values on almost everyones homes- right in the midst of a pandemic- when many people’s jobs disappeared. We pay one of the highest tax rates in the county- partially because of three levy’s; Metroparks, Health and Human Services and Sinclair. None are accountable to anyone- and spend lavishly on executives and little on the workers. If we vote no- just once, maybe someone will pay attention and start acting like they actually have to be accountable. Takoda Collins didn’t live past 10- because people paid by this levy couldn’t do their jobs.

If you look at who funds the expensive ad campaign to convince you that this is a good idea, you should realize, this does more for the big boys in town than it does for you.

From the Dayton Day-old news:

Human services levy The human services levy, which is a renewal of taxes that Montgomery County residents already pay, covers a variety of Montgomery County services to elderly and frail residents, abused and neglected children, people with developmental disabilities, the homeless, unemployed workers and people in crisis, including those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Voters have renewed the county’s human services levies repeatedly since they were first approved decades ago, officials said. About 43% of levy services are provided to citizens in the urban core, while the rest go to residents who live elsewhere in the county.

Of the $287,949 raised by Human Services campaign this cycle, most of it came from large agencies, including the hospital association ($175,000), Care- Source ($30,000), University of Dayton ($20,000), the Area Agency on Aging ($15,000), the Dayton Development Coalition ($10,000) and Fifth Third ($10,000).

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office said Political Action Committees organized to support or oppose a ballot issue (rather than a candidate), are not subject to contribution limits.

Sarah Hackenbracht, president and CEO of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, said the $175,000 that the association donated was based on how vital the levy is to the hospitals. She said the donation was a representation of all the area hospitals.

She noted the levy supports key parts of what the hospitals need, including Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County, substance abuse and addiction programs and funding for key vaccine programs, which she said is “absolutely vital.”

The campaign’s largest expenses were $208,438 to The Ohlmann Group for television advertisements backing the levy, and over $85,000 to Burges and Burges for consulting and digital advertising.

Source: Human services campaign spent big – Dayton Daily News [5]

Takoda Collins says he wants his money back. So should you- vote no, and demand accountability.

I’m staying clear of all the other races out there. I’ve been too busy trying to expose the corruption in Dayton- to pay much attention to the ‘burbs. Note- all of these banana republics, including Dayton, could go away tomorrow- replaced by county wide government and we’d be way better off. We spend too much duplicating services- and creating little political monsters- that will haunt us long into the future.



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The write in candidates for the school board either didn’t care about running a competent campaign, or were just lazy about doing so. If they can’t do the little things, then they’ll just compound the incompetence that’s already on the board. I’ve engaged Ronnie on various public forums and she can’t be bothered to come up with a platform. Hard pass. Never heard of the other two jokers.

I’d love to hear your justification for them. Seriously.

Pat F

Lol, who cares who runs the city! The people of Dayton make the January 6th people look like saints, such a huge pile of trash. The only people that could fix a huge pile of trash like Dayton are people like Hitler and Stalin and why would they waste their time? Just leave and go where you don’t have to live with the black and white inbreds of America’s sleezy truck stop of a city.

Pat F

How dumb and useless is David Esfruitcake you can’t even compete in a garbage town like Dayton?


I had to sift through your wall of text to find out that’s she’s for Facebook only. Pass.

This Ken guy apparently never taught high school, but somehow has all the answers because he’s a college English professor and has spawn in DPS. College is not the same as K-12, and being able to produce offspring doesn’t make one an effective board member.

And yeah the other one, nothing.

Again, these people couldn’t be bothered to run an actual responsible campaign. They are relying on voter ignorance. While I didn’t vote for Joe Lacey, at least he did the work and put himself in front of the voters.

And one more time for the people in the back – I’m not fit to lead shit. My hubris and crappy delivery are why I’ll never sniff publicly elected office. The sad part is that I am too stupid to own this simple nugget of truth ;)

Shelly roberto

LOLOLOL esrati with the personal attacks and no substance. What a little bitch esrati is!


I don’t always agree with you politically, as I will be voting for Rennes Bowers today.

But I appreciate what you do to expose local corruption and highlight candidates and issues I wouldn’t otherwise know about, especially since the DDN is useless.