Hugh Quill

Never mind the sex- what exactly are Anthony Gutierrez’s qualifications?

Once again, we’re up in arms about someone’s conduct in the bedroom, missing the real question: how did this guy get the job in the first place? Anthony Gutierrez is Mark Dann’s friend and frankly, Mark Dann ought to be getting asked some very serious questions about his hiring choices (and I’m not talking about Read More

Ever wonder what Hugh Quill has been up to lately?

I’m a huge fan of American Public Radio’s Marketplace program- heard locally at 6:30pm on WYSO, 91.3 I usually listen to the podcast, a few days late. So, there was former Montgomery County Treasurer, Hugh Quill being interviewed on Marketplace, cracking the whip on State employees who apparently, don’t work Fridays: Marketplace: Ohio stiffens its Read More