Never mind the sex- what exactly are Anthony Gutierrez’s qualifications?

Once again, we’re up in arms about someone’s conduct in the bedroom, missing the real question: how did this guy get the job in the first place?

Anthony Gutierrez is Mark Dann’s friend and frankly, Mark Dann ought to be getting asked some very serious questions about his hiring choices (and I’m not talking about their concubines).

Two women describe sexual incidents
Gutierrez, 50, who is married and lives a few doors down from Dann’s house in Liberty Twp. near Youngstown, is paid $87,485 a year to run the attorney general’s mail room, purchasing and maintenance operations.

Gutierrez was hired Feb. 5, 2007, a month after he settled his unpaid state taxes — some of which had been delinquent for 10 years — and pleaded no contest to reckless operation of a vehicle. Originally, he had been charged with drunken driving. He did not disclose the traffic offense on his application where he was asked if he had any felony or misdemeanor convictions or traffic citations.

A high school graduate who owns a construction company, Gutierrez was hired even though he is on a payment plan to pay more than $10,000 in delinquent federal income taxes, had once filed for bankruptcy, and had more than two dozen liens and judgments against him.

While these two young ladies may be entirely right about the sexual harassment, you don’t end up drunk in his apartment without lifting a glass to your lips.

These aren’t the only young ladies employed by the State because of who they sleep with (see comments in Hugh Quill post), the question really comes down to what kind of hires is the State making?

Come to think of that, what kind of hires is the City of Dayton making when they miss a murder conviction in someones past?

How can we have people making laws that seem to think they are above them?

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