Financial crisis

Dayton Grassroots Daily Show v.10: peak oil and the financial crisis

Sorry about the late post (you could have seen it on YouTube earlier if you subscribed there). Had to get up the Qbase lawsuit first. Today, Greg and I talk about the real cause of the financial crisis- $4 a gallon gas, and how it steamrolled. The camera cut us off at 4:30- so we Read More

While the government is talking limits on credit-default swaps, maybe we’d do best to ban “counter-investing”?

Investing and the market should be about good faith in a company- after all, isn’t that what all the debt rating agencies are supposed to help us with in making decisions? Just yesterday, Standard & Poors warned it may downgrade GM’s credit rating- which helped kill off 31% of the stocks value. That’s a serious Read More

A reminder on the bailout.

I haven’t watched this video since it was made. Five minutes- ad lib, no cue-cards, no teleprompter, no script, no edit. It was commentary on the $150 Billion dollar handout that the Bush administration promised us would “stimulate the economy” by sending out checks of $300 per taxpayer. That was in January 2008. Guess it Read More

Still bailing out everyone else but John Q. Public

The latest round of Senate talks on the “bailout” package still hasn’t addressed directly helping the people who are being asked to foot the bill. Reminds me of Wimpy- who wants a hamburger today, but will gladly pay you Tuesday – without saying what Tuesday in what year, with what money. The bone that’s being Read More

When Mike Turner and Dennis Kucinich agree, we live in extraordinary times

It’s been said that politics makes strange bedfellows, and this bailout package vote is no exception. The most radical of “liberals” Dennis Kucinich voted against the bailout bill- as did the staunchest Bush supporter Mike Turner, even against the pleadings of House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-West Chester who usually has Turner on puppet strings. Read More

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