Dorothy Lane Market

Buy local, buy now, don't let the Chips hit the fan. Mike Sell's Potato Chips last stand

Buy Mike Sells Potato Chips now, before it’s too late

I don’t like to write this kind of story either. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The economy has been brutal to small businesses- and even local legends can disappear. One of the hardest things in family businesses is succession planning. Not every generation wants to take over the family business or is Read More

MidPark? Part of someone’s plan.

If you’ve never heard of MidPark- don’t feel left out. A lot of people have no clue. It’s the working name for the little stretch of land between downtown Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital in the “middle of South Park” – well sort of. And a bunch of money is about to be spent there. Read More

Grocery shopping in Dayton: my mom’s view

We take a lot of things in Dayton for granted. My mother, who just moved down from Cleveland, where she would drive all over to do her “marketing”- or grocery shopping to the rest of us, has given me some perspective to share. She thinks the produce at Kroger on Wayne is great- esp. after Read More

A butcher, a baker, a fruit and vegetable stand… a walkable community

Tomorrow is the Cliburn Manor tear down ceremony. We have not been clued in to what may go on the site (my guess is MVH already has plans). We’ve seen a drawing of an HBA inspired McCommunity- and the developers of the new Kroger showed us something even more unlikely. But, maybe, we’ll just end Read More