Clueless Matt Joseph

The whole point of the city manager form of government was to have continuity beyond elections. A professional manager, who serves at the will of an elected board of directors who are supposed to have the citizens’ and the city’s best interests at heart.

From today’s Dayton Daily News:

City Commissioner Matt Joseph said that with Dayton’s strong city manager form of government, a steady churn in administrators is expected. He says there will not be a leadership gap if Young leaves.

“The City Commission is still here. We’ll hire someone else to do the job, if Rashad leaves,” Joseph said. “He’s done a good job in some very bad times.”

Joseph said it’s a positive reflection on the city to have other municipalities recruit “our talent.”

“If they play well, somebody from a bigger team is going to grab them,” Joseph said.

via Dayton city manager Young up for North Carolina job.

No right-thinking official would want our city to be considered a farm league for city managers- too much is at stake. The reality is, we don’t pay people enough to have to work for a Mayor who thinks it’s her job to do their job- or work for a commission that offers little in true guidance and much in terms of nit-picking.

Young is smart to leave now- with an election coming up, a huge budget shortfall, his lost credibility in the business community (much by no fault of his own) and an offer of more money.

The sad thing is, Greensboro, N.C., isn’t a “bigger team” Matt- it’s that our city has lost so many games that we’ve been demoted. You are a part of that equation. Dayton once had 250K residents- in the city proper. Greensboro has more of a regional government- and isn’t, and shouldn’t be in our league.

If Dayton adopted UniGov- and paid a professional manager the combined County Administrator/City Manager paycheck- not only would we have top management, we’d have a much larger, more streamlined organization- with little duplication. That’s the big picture Matt.

You’re welcome.

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