Clueless Matt Joseph

The whole point of the city manager form of government was to have continuity beyond elections. A professional manager, who serves at the will of an elected board of directors who are supposed to have the citizens’ and the city’s best interests at heart.

From today’s Dayton Daily News:

City Commissioner Matt Joseph said that with Dayton’s strong city manager form of government, a steady churn in administrators is expected. He says there will not be a leadership gap if Young leaves.

“The City Commission is still here. We’ll hire someone else to do the job, if Rashad leaves,” Joseph said. “He’s done a good job in some very bad times.”

Joseph said it’s a positive reflection on the city to have other municipalities recruit “our talent.”

“If they play well, somebody from a bigger team is going to grab them,” Joseph said.

via Dayton city manager Young up for North Carolina job.

No right-thinking official would want our city to be considered a farm league for city managers- too much is at stake. The reality is, we don’t pay people enough to have to work for a Mayor who thinks it’s her job to do their job- or work for a commission that offers little in true guidance and much in terms of nit-picking.

Young is smart to leave now- with an election coming up, a huge budget shortfall, his lost credibility in the business community (much by no fault of his own) and an offer of more money.

The sad thing is, Greensboro, N.C., isn’t a “bigger team” Matt- it’s that our city has lost so many games that we’ve been demoted. You are a part of that equation. Dayton once had 250K residents- in the city proper. Greensboro has more of a regional government- and isn’t, and shouldn’t be in our league.

If Dayton adopted UniGov- and paid a professional manager the combined County Administrator/City Manager paycheck- not only would we have top management, we’d have a much larger, more streamlined organization- with little duplication. That’s the big picture Matt.

You’re welcome.

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Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Once again here goes David shouting off before he looks at the facts. Greensboro’s population is 62% larger than Dayton’s (250,000 vs. 154,000, 2008 est.) It is a “bigger team” David. Are you proposing that that the City Commission, when facing yet another $20 million defecit next year, come up with tens of thousands of dollars to try and keep Rashad here??? Come on, get real. Rashad’s done a good job here, but he like everyone else is looking out for the best interest of his family.

So you’re pissed at the Commissioner because he’s facing the reality of what’s happening? That makes a lot of sense.

I’m also a little curious on how you actually expect to “govern” once elected when all you really know how to do is piss people off??? That is the whole purpose of running for election right??? You do understand that you actually need three votes to accomplish anything right? I’m guessing that calling “fellow” commissioners “spineless” and now “clueless” among other insults you hurl on your website really won’t make them want to work with you. Talk about someone being clueless.


Molly brings up a good point and one worth thinking about: how refreshing it would be to have a politician that “pisses people off” instead of trying kiss everyone’s ass.

Maybe more things would get done.


I qualify then……..

David certainly qualifies……….

David Lauri or DDave, not so much (just to mention other people named Dave/id)

Jeff is getting close to qualifying………


You and Joey Williams are great friends. Wow. Must be nice to live in your reality. Joey hates you and won’t come near your campaign with a ten foot pole.
And yes, you do alienate everyone. Not just leaders, but voters too. That is why you can’t and won’t ever get elected. It’s not the system or money. You are unlikeable.
You have contempt for the voters because you think they are all stupid. You’ve even written it on your site. Voters can tell you look down on them and they aren’t about to vote for someone who does that. Even if you did get elected, no one is going to work with someone who hurls insults at them and name calls. When you lose again by double digits, look in the mirror.


Lynn, ………, will you……….(tears) ………….. will you marry me?

Maybe Lynn should run?

Don’t be too hard on David. He lives in the Harvey Milk world, the main difference is the Harvey was like-able.

I like the DE! He gets my vote. Just bc I want to see what happens, and most certainly comment on it!

Teresa Lea

@Lynn (or whoever you are)
That’s an interesting story.
I have one too – I’ve met Joey Williams twice. The first time he was eating dinner with David Esrati, the second time he was at David’s house at a social event, where his presence was not required.
David only has contempt for one kind of person – the kind that likes to spew ignorance because it benefits them and their agenda. Check out that mirror you seem to know so well, you might find one.

richard burks
richard burks

I agree with David on the fact that Matt Joseph has accomplished nothing while a City Commisioner. At Democratic Party meetings you often see him milling around “the back of the room” and doing/saying nothing of importance. His command of the CITY MANGER form of Government is somehat lacking in depth and scope which is sad since this group is the one that hires the City Manager.
While on the subject of the City Commission, I think it would more beneficial to the city of Dayton if certain Commisioners would spend more time in the neighborhoods here and not constantly submit articles from the NYT hoping that we might feel alittle bit better about the decaying situation here.
If Tammney Hall Politics is what Dayton wants they hit the lotto with this bunch in power.

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Lynn makes a good point…. If Joey is such a “great friend” of yours David, where is his endorsement of your campaign? “Great friends” give advice and support to each other, so has Joey offered you support for your campaign David? Can we expect a Williams/Esrati ticket for Commission? Does that also mean that Joey Williams will be breaking with the Mayor and joining the Leitzel/Esrati/Williams ticket??? Please share with us David…

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Richard–What do you know about how much time our Commissioners spend in our neighborhoods—you live in Kettering! I certainly hope they’re not spending time in your neighborhood. Are you one of the lost souls who has a Leitzel yard sign in Kettering? You do know you can’t vote in City of Dayton elections don’t you?

By the way– what proof of “Tammney Hall politics” do you have? You throw that into every post you make but never give any explanation. Just because people think you’re crazy doesn’t mean they’re corrupt.

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

OK— So Joey secretly supports his “great friend” David Esrati for Commission but just doesn’t want to piss off the old lions of the party. Got it. Apparently he even goes to your house parties as another person posted above. So is Joey helping you fundraise with his banking buddies? I look forward to seeing your next finance report–if you actually file one.

David Lauri

I look forward to seeing your next finance report–if you actually file one.
Why would you doubt that he’ll post an updated finance report?  He was under no legal requirement to post the first one, yet he did.  And his new “Donate to Elect Esrati” widget in the right column of every page of this blog show how many people have donated since he put it up and how much money he’s collected so far towards his goal of $10,000.  Call him unelectable if you want, but you can’t say that you have any basis in reality for thinking he won’t post a report on additional donors.

richard burks
richard burks
@ Molly, whether I live in Kettering or not has no bearing on what I want to see accomplished in Dayton. I lived in Dayton many years but chose to move so that my kids could get a decent education which is something that the Dayton City Schools didn’t and still don’t offer to its citizens. So the Kettering issue is a mute drop that reason if that is your intent to discredit my opinion about the state of Dayton Politics. While it is true that I can not vote in Dayton local elections that does not inhibit me from expressing my concern or supporting who I feel is the better candidate in their elections. As to your reference of having a Gary Lietzel sign in my yard, I would have one but feel they are of better use in Dayton. as a Historian, who knows a great deal about Tammney Hall Politics, one just needs to vist a Montgomery County Democratic monthly Party meetings to see the similarities. I suggest that you read a good book on American Political Parties at the turn of the century and then visit a Party meeting and draw your own conclusions before casting doubts on mine. I hope that if and when you attend one of these farces, there are some of these so-called Politicians are in attendance, but you will have to scour the backroom to find them. The best thing that could happen to Dayton is either bring Mike Turner back as Mayor or elect Gary Lietzel. McLin showed her true political savy ( that’s a joke) during the Presidential campaign and once again an embarrasment to the City and the citizens of Dayton. It is not surprising when watching the City Commissioner meetings, when she speaks half of the commissioners are bobbing their heads up and down like those dolls you see in the back windows of cars. I am not quite sure who you are calling crazy but I suggest you be more objective about the state of the Dayton Political landscape……..we are a dying city that offers… Read more »
Ice Bandit

El Bandito de Helios has no opinion on Matt Joseph other than he loves the handle Dave has bestowed upon him. “Clueless” Matt Joseph is reminiscent of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, known co-conspirator in the 1919 Black Sox scandal and the best baseball player not in Cooperstown (forget it Pete Rose partisans, Charlie Hustle’s stats pale in comparison). Nicknames have fallen out of favor, with the exception of Bootsie Neal. And Bootsie is a lot catchier than her given first name of Idotha. Perhaps Dave should be the official bestower of nicknames for the Dayton scene. Perhaps, as a suggestion, Rhine “the Mad Hatter” McLin. Only problem with “Clueless” is it describes too many hombres in this town……….


Just a note that none of the Kettering schools made the US News and World Report list of top schools in the country, and two of the Dayton Public High schools (Stivers and DECA) did. I’m so sick and tired of the myth that kids can’t get a decent education in Dayton. It is self-perpetuating— ie “People keep saying it, so it must be true.” It isn’t true. It is true that the district needs better guidance in the form of a new board and (especially) a new superintendent, but some individual schools have made remarkably achievements and it is unfair to diminish all of them by beating this same old tired drum. 


Molly and Lynn,
Go back to the wood. The beating of your wings, your shrieking make such a din! 


City Managers travel around looking for bigger and better gigs.  Good example was Valerie Lamme.  But this is pretty typical.
The reason why they weren’t able to hire from outside and promoted Young to the job from within was that no one from outside wanted it.  No one wants to move into a no-win situation like Dayton.  Bad for the resume’.

richard burks
richard burks

@ Larkin…. Kettering isn’t at the bottom of the heap like Dayton and Youngstown. Over all , Kettering is a far superior school system then Dayton. I will give you Stivers and Deca as for the rest” they suck”.
I sent my kids to Montessori and moved to Kettering so that could go to Montessori middle school. People relocate because of the school system so their property value doesn’t bottom out. I would think there are alot of people are moving from Dayton to the burbs for that reason.
I am thinking that most of the city workers would move from Dayton but are forced to stay in Dayton by a Mayor who refuses to abide by the law and let them live where they choose. Dayton a sad never-ending story.

richard burks
richard burks

@ Jeff, and they will be very unsuccessful getting someone good from the outside until they get a Mayor and a Commission that can make intelligent decisions and run a city properly.
I say give Gary Leitzel and David Esarti a chance to right the wrongs that have been inflicted upon the citizens of Dayton.


In other words you have a bug up your ass about Democrats. Gotcha.
Here’s some news for you.  Dayton was a dying city under Turner and it was a dying city under McLin.  It wasn’t so obvious under Turner as he was mayor during an economic boom era.   The fundamental problems were still there when he was mayor.

richard burks
richard burks

@ Jeff, I am a life long progressive Democrat and have only voted for one Republican and that was in 1976 and it was for Gerald Ford. The reason that he had the balls to end an American nightmare before we had a constitutional crisis.
I am a Democrat who likes to see other Democrats do their job that they were elected to do, unlike the current bunch in both the City and the County. I am sure that if I lived in Dayton, it would be the second time in 47 years that I would be casting a second vote for a Republican candidate. I once again I say, a vote for Gary Leitzel and David Esarti is the first step in improving Dayton.


Good “buy” Mr. Young. You will be missed.

DDN just indicated you are gone. Thank God……….


I meant Thank You………

richard burks
richard burks

…so long bad times…hello good times!! I guess we need to wait and see if we can get a decent Administration to pick the new City Manager……hope Dayton will say goodbye to cronism!

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Oh Richard—“…a vote for Gary Leitzel and David Esarti is the first step in improving Dayton.” That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile. Yeah, pie-in-the-face crackhouse guy and the masked chalk sprayer are going to save the day. Not exactly talking Batman and Robin are we?


Still waiting to hear what Matt Joseph has spearheaded and accomplished for the city other than the Intern Meet-n-Greets.

richard burks
richard burks

@ Molly, I see Molly has back from under her Mclin rock again. The funniest thing that I read are perhaps your comments on this post. I never said that anyone was Batman and Robin but the Thelma and Louise we have in there now are about to take Dayton over the cliff with them.
I suggest that perhaps or should I say once McLin takes her arm out Commissioner Whaley’s rear end, that Whaley doesn’t tumble to the floor. City Manager is now gone, only 5 more rotten apples to toss from the barrel. A new broom sweeps clean..and I am looking for that push broom to clean city hall. A earlier post where David says we can count on you to bring on the hate, is great. I look forward to more of your rants.


Yesterday you enlightened us with your definition of insanity. Thank You ! I think this really applies to you.
Constantly running for office and consistently getting your ass kicked is a manifestation of your definition


…. I am a life long progressive Democrat….
Yeah, and I’m Mary Poppins.


How can progress ever come about when you are a Democrat…… what, socialism? Stealing from the rich and giving to those who blow it on drugs and alcohol and tattoos and big screen tvs and fast food and porn and cigarettes……

David does not get his ass kicked. He gets it spanked. He likes it that way….

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Gene— That explains so much!!!!!!!

Richard (is it Dick?)– I’ve got some serious head issues to deal with. Local politics should be the least of my worries. (editors note- don’t attack other comments on this forum personally- this isn’t the DDN).

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Oh sure David, talking about shoving an arm up someone’s rear end isn’t a personal attack but what I said is huh? Right.

And it’s not my fault you have bad voter data–or that you don’t know how to use the data you have.

richard burks
richard burks

David, thanks but I can deal with Molly’s attacks on my own. The name is Richard not Dick, so when addressing me do as such. I figured that someone with your lack of debating skills could understand the difference between an observation and a personal attack. I had suggested that you ought to attend a City Commission meeting or even a monthly Democratic party meeting which you have chosen to ignore.I should have said that McLin has surrounded her self with puppets and pulls their strings, but I like my comparison of Commissioner Whaley as a bobble head with McLin’s arm up her rear end. After you have done this Molly then come back to the table and debate. If you can not debate the facts then your 2 cents is not needed.
Having now not missed an election ( primary or general) in exercising my right to vote since 1972, I now see that you are not even registered, what a freakin joke. I worked on the Obama campaign and have my copies of the vetting materials in hand ( registered Democrats and Independents) in Montgomery County and will look for your name and voting record, David I will let you know what I uncover.
So indeed Tammney Hall politics do exist in Dayton City Hall, Montgomery County Building and the smoked filled ( when you could smoke) hallways of the Montgomery County Democratic Headquarters. We had a Treasurer appointed because she ran a mediocre campaign with no experience when there were far more qualified candidates that had posted for the job. A Mayor and a Commissioner who frequent seedy night clubs DT, get drunk pulled over and still get to keep their jobs. Molly cut me a frakin break and bring something to the table other than your hate and sarcasm, please.


Mr. Burks with all due respect Mr. Esrati has his arm up your rearend. You talk about Molly not being eligible to vote. The thruth is that you are not eligible to vote in the city of Dayton. So David and his Republican backed friend will not be getting your vote.

Gary Leitzell

@Molly. Pie-in-the-face crackhouse guy is a great title but you have missed the point of each. The “Pie-in-the-face” pie auction was done to promote local businesses as well as raise funds for my campaign. The “Old Crack House” is the name we affectionately call our home that I have singlehandedly been restoring after decades of neglect. So you want to mock me for creative ways to raise funds and for restoring a piece of Dayton history. What next, are you going to try to shame me for home schooling my daughter? Innovation, persistence and the ability to teach others are qualities that should be admired in a leader.

Edena Dougan
Edena Dougan

Dear Molly,

I’m so sorry we missed your call last Sunday, it was good to hear your voice on the machine and know you are in good health. The weather has been kind up here on the island this summer, we had gone over to Coney for the weekend. The crowd was a little disappointing, we were only able to pick-pocket three people. Your cousins are all doing well except for Arnie, he’s off his medication again and may be looking at ten to twenty. We hear your sister Marcie is with child but we haven’t recieved a wedding invitation yet, do tell. I certainly hope it’s not with that Russian man.

I hear you have represented The Brotherhood proudly, always remember that little rhyme your mother taught you as a child, God bless her soul,

“Just comes thee he who speak ill of the Tammany”

Please do keep in touch but call in on the unlisted line next time,

All our love,
Aunt Edena

richard burks
richard burks

@ John…while it is true that I can not vote in Dayton but I can throw all my support and recruit votes for them in Dayton. I just do not understand why certain citizens still insist that these two individuals ( McLin and Whaley) deserve any support at all. I perhaps would suggest all the help they received at taxpayers expense before they turned in their signatures to get on the ballot/political minions all over the city were used to validate the petitions “on company time” just because it is common practice it is still unacceptable.
I see that McLin and her hacks are pulling your strings as well, I suspect you would have been a victim at Jonestown too.


Well Mr. Burks it seems that you cannot engage in civil dicussion without slandering people. You and Mr. Esrati are two peas in a pod, always whining about something because no one will let you be in charge. You and Mr. Esrati will hencefoth be known far and wide as the Chardonay Twins. Perhaps if your brain was the size of your ego, you two might amount to something in life instead of being the loosers that you are.

Don’t bother responding as this will be my last visit to this obnoxious website.


John, ………..will you…… (tears) ……….. marry me?

Slam on DE again. Where have these people been?

But, for real, understand that those who want “The D” to be a better place (like DE) we need to expect him to have an ego. Notice how most everyone else sits on the sidelines (including me.)

Keep it up DE. You will always have my vote. Gary has mine as well. At least you guys care, publicly……