Dayton Business Journal

Dayton’s Inspectional Services called out by the DBJ

The Dayton Business Journal has a cover story about Dayton’s woefully inept Building Inspection department- something that’s been inept for a long time. Olivia Barrow talks to several small independent start-ups that ran face first into the wall of BS that Dayton likes to throw at every project that doesn’t come with political payola. From Read More

DBJ profiles Mayor Leitzell- labels me a detractor (not so)

The story won’t be available to the masses online for another week- but for those of you who subscribe to the Dayton Business Journal you can read the front-page story by Joe Cogliano looking back at Gary Leitzell’s first year as mayor. Gary likes to call himself a problem solver- and prefers to work discreetly. Read More

Dayton Business Journal likes my comments

In a kind of bogus way, the Dayton Business Journal has taken its “readers comments” and used them anonymously, even though Disqus has the full name. Last two weeks- they’ve featured my comments- without giving credit: Dayton faces $5M in cuts for 2011 budget (Nov. 15) • Hmm, you’re losing customers, cut services, raise prices Read More

A Dayton Daily News boycott?

Yesterday I heard it three times- “I’m boycotting the Dayton Daily News” – I don’t want to read their site, I don’t want to support their advertisers, I don’t want to talk to them- especially the editorial board. This wasn’t in a crowd of my usual suspects- it was at the Dayton Regional Summit, hosted Read More