Dayton Business Journal likes my comments

In a kind of bogus way, the Dayton Business Journal has taken its “readers comments” and used them anonymously, even though Disqus has the full name. Last two weeks- they’ve featured my comments- without giving credit:

Dayton faces $5M in cuts for 2011 budget (Nov. 15)

• Hmm, you’re losing customers, cut services, raise prices and deliver lousy customer support — all while continuing to hand out money to “new businesses” to move in and to “old businesses” who threaten to move out — as part of your crony capitalism/”economic development.” Why not concentrate on providing top-notch, first-rate customer service — including cut the “Inspector Gotcha” attitude out of your business services — and actually work at providing basic infrastructure like it was your only job. Then maybe, people wouldn’t be disgusted with what passes for “government” in Dayton.

via Reader comments | Dayton Business Journal.


Group gears up to put Wright Flyer replica in Dayton (Nov. 24)

• It’s time to let go of the Wright Brothers. Flying is taken for granted these days. We could spend $7 million on things that make our community a more livable, lovable place. Bike sharing system, a central park on the old Parkside homes location all kinds of things.

Weren’t the Riverscape fountains with their lasers supposed to do the same thing? Flop.

No one wants to look at a plane on a stick- and besides- we have the AF Museum for that.

via Reader Comments | Dayton Business Journal.

I think I’ve said my piece enough on this blog for my readers to recognize my “Inspector Gotcha” reference in the first one- and my “Bcycle” plan and the “Sportsplex” in the second one- but, it would be nice for the DBJ to give credit where credit is due.

At least the DBJ has utilized a commenting system that’s workable- unlike the Dayton Daily.

The “Planes on a stick” line is something I stole from architect and sculptor Terry Welker from his pecha kucha presentation- which was pretty funny- where he made fun of not only “planes on a stick” – but “Touchdown Jesus” getting the smackdown from the almighty.

At least one Dayton Newspaper thinks my words worthy of publishing- without having to find something negative to say- it’s a start.

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