I’ve been podcasted: SummitUp in Dayton Oct. 20

Fellow social media type David Bowman posted a podcast we recorded last week- about my presentation at SummitUp– a really great event that closes reservations this WEDNESDAY!

So if you want to hear NATIONAL speakers, including Bob Garfield, Chris Brogan, Kevin Dugan and more- including me, sign up for this amazing event. You won’t read about it in the Dayton Daily News, because they are sponsoring their own, on the day after ours (of course, if they knew how to run their own site better…. they might be more credible).

David (Esrati) is also one of the many talented professionals who will be presenting at SummitUp – a social media confab, October 20th, 2009 in Dayton, Ohio. In this podcast David offers a preview of his presentation, Content Management Systems, building Community and CRM: How to eliminate the geeks, get the message out and grow and manage a community using open source software and a little bit of brililance.

Give a listen and then head over to http://summitup.org and register for this amazing event.

via SummitUp Podcast Preview – David Esrati | davidebowman.

Seven professional organizations are sponsoring this event. Tickets are going fast. If you have any interest in Social Media- or how to make your business work on the web better- this is THE event in Dayton.

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