David DiCarlo

Esrati report, episode 6

Welcome to the Esrati Report, I’m David Esrati and you don’t want to be me. Apparently a few of you are enjoying this form of haphazard entertainment and are goading me to continue. Just to be clear, it takes a whole team of people to produce a news show- or a comedy show, and this Read More

Why our elementary education system is ineffective, inefficient and too damn expensive

I can read and write at a college level. I could do it in the eleventh grade, because of one teacher, David DiCarlo, at Cleveland Heights High School. He taught Political Science and Comparative Government like a college course. I don’t remember a text book- but I do remember high intensity lectures, every day, with Read More

Dedicated to the teachers I know and have known.

Seth Godin had this on his blog. I’d never heard of Taylor Mali- or his poem “What teachers make” Could you ever see a politician making the same kind of argument for what they do? For me, I need to thank  Susan Forde, Herb Curtis, Larry Geiger, Steven Young, Betty Levy, Mike Cleary, Art Blazer, Read More