Sharen Neuhardt has friends in strange places

Since the “journalists” in Dayton are completely ignoring the 10 candidates for Congress- except of course the incumbent who they believe will have a walk in the park, it’s up to me to do the digging (with a little help from my valued readers). I got an email tonight, while at the Wright Library in Read More

Bill Moyers: plutocracy and democracy don’t mix.

I see this blog as my way of keeping the people of Dayton informed in a way the local media doesn’t. I want to keep you thinking about the things that are really important, not the “if it bleeds, it leads” kind of BS that local “journalists” thrive on. While we’ve all been head over Read More

Now that the bailout didn’t change anything- Plan B anyone?

Without systemic change, nothing changed. The bailout was passed, and even despite protecting the wooden arrow manufacturing industry in the US, we’re still up the proverbial creek. The markets are unstable, irrational and the wild swings are more than markets can handle. The Wall Street Casino may as well have gone bust. It’s time to Read More