Butler Township

How to REALLY save money on dispatch Brookville and others…

The argument Brookville is using to justify splitting from the Regional Dispatch Center and buying dispatch services from Englewood is saving money. Early termination fees will cancel the savings making this “cost saving move” a non-starter according to the Dayton Daily News today: Brookville is considering breaking from the RDC to join Englewood’s dispatch center Read More

Taxation without representation: Township should be folded

Apparently, you can have it both ways in Ohio. Selective income taxes are apparently OK if your township can’t pay the bills. Taxes that are being passed without a vote by the public. The concept of urban townships is a farce that has been allowed to continue so we can supply income tax havens for Read More

All signs point to regional cooperation?

I almost have to laugh- reading that Butler Township is buying a machine for $25K to make signs- when a county sign shop could be making signs for the whole region. The machine cost about $25,000, including training and a roller. According to a cost analysis, making street signs in their own shop will cost Read More