All signs point to regional cooperation?

Men Workign sign

Not quite the same type of sign- but, this sign spotted at Stewart St and Anderson, sums up our cooperation talents in the region

I almost have to laugh- reading that Butler Township is buying a machine for $25K to make signs- when a county sign shop could be making signs for the whole region.

The machine cost about $25,000, including training and a roller.

According to a cost analysis, making street signs in their own shop will cost Butler Township about $1,500 more than buying them during the first year, but save thousands of dollars in latter years.

“The project’s going to pay for itself,” Lang said.

In addition to savings, safety and image marketing, Butler Twp. has identified a profit center.

“We’ve been approached by other townships about making their signs,” Lapensee said.

via Road sign changes reflect safety advances.

This purchase is response to a federal mandate to change all street signs to use mixed case- and reflective materials. According to the DDN article- the new regs were mandated in 1992- which means that we’ve had 18 years to prepare for this.

Somehow- you have to wonder how this is just news now, but then again, if you aren’t wondering why we even have “townships” in urban areas you are almost as out of touch as all our “leaders” in these little banana republics.

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David, I enjoy reading your blog, but at times your dreams of UniGov clouds your vision. Leaders, even those in search of regional cooperation, must at sometime get something done and accomplish day to day goals.   I really like the quotation marks around “leaders”.  I guess you could be classified as a bitcher (without quotation marks).  Seeing some ELECTED leaders are trying to reduce costs, in the most efficient and effective ways available today, maybe you should recognize their efforts, and not simply launch arrows.   Regional cooperation is good; however there are some things that can be more efficiently accomplished on a smaller level, as an example a RIB (rigid hull inflatable boat for your readers) can turn much faster than an aircraft carrier. In terms you may relate to; who would give me the best advertising bang for the buck?  Your firm, where I can call and say “Hey David, this is Stan can you help me with my web presence?” or by calling Gorilla Nation and trying to ask the same thing. Certainly Gorilla Nation’s 46.4 million in revenue makes them more profitable than you, but is their service better for all of their customers?   Some people always will want the feel of a smaller community and they like the services they get for what they are paying. If the regional or UniGov concept bases itself on bigger is better, why is it that the bigger area water systems have higher prices? Scales of economy are not always efficient; the City of Union’s water is $35.23 cheaper than Dayton (based on 3 months equal use) or $140.92/year cheaper. In fact, Vandalia just built a new water facility with Tipp City, and their current water rates are only $1.49 more expensive than Montgomery County (for three month period), that includes paying for a new system. Water is only one facet of government, there are many areas that would prove to have similar results.   If I was a resident of a community, who has a bigger vacuum for leadership and whose budget is bleeding worse than anyone else’s, maybe I… Read more »