Sunday morning- Breakfast with the Beatles and me

I’ll be on WTUE this Sunday morning- as a guest “Beatlemaniac” with my friend Ann Stevens, host of Breakfast with the Beatles- from 10-11am. So tune in- 104.7 or

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  1. Pam February 4, 2007 / 11:14 am
    Nice job, David. ;)
  2. David Esrati February 4, 2007 / 11:46 am

    So- for those who missed it- here are my songs- and what I had written for dedications (note- I never stick to a script per se)
    Thanks to Ann Stevens, head Beatlemaniac- and to all of you who called in-
    1. Got to get you into my life.
    Dedicated to my future wife-

    2. Day tripper
    This is for a certain 6 foot ballerina now living in Hattiesburg.

    3. Nowhere man
    This is dedicated to everyone who isn’t registered to vote- or doesn’t do it- and to all the people who refuse to take a stand, make a statement- or be willing to speak up against what they believe is wrong.

    4. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    I just like this song- makes me happy.

    5. Come Together
    I love Dayton- and this is how I see the future- regionalization- we’ve got to Come Together-

    6. Drive my car
    Someone has to- ‘cause I have limited interest in driving it anymore- other than to go to the warehouse club- or hockey-

    7. Lovely Rita
    Another car theme- parking downtown- scooters- bikes- walking- all work better

    8. With a little help from my friends
    The list is long, and I’m sure I’m going to miss some people-
    but this goes out to Pam S., Freddy and Debbie Berry, Joey and Natasha, Don and Stacy Yale, Jim and Karen at Coco’s, Greg and Beth Fitzgerald at The Blue Moon, Lakeisha – where ever you are in the world right now, Bob Thade, Chris and Jill Blasy, Kent and Char Polen,Judy Schiavone who has always been there, Felix Neiva, Paul Astrachan, Mary who I’ll always love, Eric even though you are in prison (again), Alan Howard, Jeff and Cathy Lee, April (Aki, wake up, she’s in love with you), Loni and Rob who feed me often, Jason and Andrea, and Bill Daniels who makes great pizza at the Pizza Factory- and got me back into playing hockey again, my great crew at The Next Wave- Will, Rich, Paige – and all my former co-workers who helped me get where I am today, I have to say thanks to a few people who left this planet a better place- Mr. Lynn Canfield who inspired my love of music and a whole bunch of other people (my Jr. High school band teacher) David Bensman who taught me to give more than to receive, Judge Dean James from Celina- who overcame every obstacle, and then most importantly- the people who are still number one in my life- and who gave this world to me- my parents- Steve and Nina- who I know are listening online right now- I love you.

    9. Paperback writer
    This is to the book I’ve got in me-
    I love to write-

    10. Revolution

    This was the first big ad song- and it probably fits my life the best.

    Hope you all had fun- I did.

  3. Dad February 4, 2007 / 12:21 pm
    Your mother and I tried to listen, but WTUE requires an HD player, which we don’t have. They do not have a way to just click and hear
  4. Phillip Ranly February 4, 2007 / 12:51 pm
    I meant to give it a listen but wasn’t able. Any recording of it?
  5. David Esrati February 4, 2007 / 3:46 pm

    Unfortunately, WTUE didn’t have The Next Wave do their site- so my parents couldn’t figure out the “listen live” button- which takes you to a page that talks about HD radio-
    I have a cassette tape of the show- might have to turn it into a podcast (minus the commercials and most of the music- since I don’t have a license to play it).
    Will try to get that done tomorrow.

  6. Felix Neiva September 10, 2011 / 11:24 am
    Hey brother 4davidE INT BT FLX BT-AR

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