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I was at the DCDC (Dayton Contemporary Dance Company) show tonight- and then at Pacchia for Saxamble. Wow.

You can catch DCDC Sunday afternoon at 3- and if I was you- I wouldn’t miss it. This isn’t ballet, it’s not the opera, you don’t go and sit on your hands to stop yourself from looking at your watch: it’s full force, get in a funky frenzy, body slamming, foot stomping amazing dance. Think Michael Jackson turned up to 11 with a body that is sculpted out of marble times a whole company of beautiful people. Especially, Susie Payne and Sparkle Williams- who I’ve seen cut a rug in Drexel Dave’s living room- and instantly become awestruck.
Saxamble won’t be back around for a bit- but, they are also fun. Think a full jazz band- minus the brass section. They have a groove that’ll move you. Closest thing to compare to them: Lenny Pickett and the Borneo Horns.

To anyone who complains about living in Dayton OH- you just ain’t making the best of it. This town has enough to keep you cultured up, and still live on the cheap. LadySmith Black Mambazo will be at Miami in Oxford on Monday and Columbus on Tuesday- if you need more food for the soul.

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Phillip Ranly

And you hit upon my favorite theme, Dayton doesn’t suck you do. Not you, David, or the people on here. I’m talking about the people who love to hate this town. These type of people are boring people in general and would be unhappy in most places on earth. If there’s something you’re interested in you’ll find it in Dayton—just look. Most don’t and complain instead, which is obviously much easier.


There seems to be a lot of jazz going around Dayton. I don’t listen to this music but there seems to be a fan base here for it.

The DCDC usually puts on a good show, in this case premieres by choreographers to dances based on the art of Jacob Lawrence, so one got to see different approaches to the work. I was most impressed with the two dances in the second part, particularly Jacob’s Ladder.

Unfortunatly (for local folks) DCDC is a touring company that apparently performs here two weekend a year, in the fall and winter, so one has to make sure to catch them when they are in town or there will be a wait to see them again. DCDC appears to be well- appreciated outside of Dayton, as they mentioned it was the U of Washignton, up in Washington State, that came to DCDC with the commission for the Jacob Lawrence dances

Like David, I stayed downtown after the show. I and my partner went across the street to that little piano bar, Gregorys, for a cocktail. It wasn’t as crowded as i saw it when it first opened, but it was brining in some after show trade. I noticed, walking by, Club 88 (in the old Kittys/Thomatos space) was really hopping. They had a latin dance DJ that night.

Getting back to dance and the arts. A reminder that the Dayton Ballet will be doing Septime Webers’ choreography of Swan Lake this upcoming weekend. And Rythem and Shoes will be performing at UD’s Boll Theatre on Friday.

The Dayton Ballet is usually quite good, but i wish they would have had a modern dance night this year like they used to do, where they do a set of smaller ballts, but influenced more by modern dance. This year it’s all story ballets.