Something to think about: systemic failure and the blame game

Reader Truddick included this video link in his response to my post this morning: Nation or Empire.

It’s by Professor David Harvey, City University of New York (CUNY), who teaches courses on Marxism.

At the end, it talks about candidates spewing the typical pablum– something I try hard not to do.

Do I believe that any single theory can explain the financial transactions of 7 billion people? Absolutely not. This isn’t atomic physics where the rules actually do apply. People have very different goals and use different methods to achieve them. Not everyone is ruled by the almighty dollar or dinar.

When Marx set out to define Socialism- it wasn’t to invent Communism, nor was it the opposite of capitalism. Everything in life comes in shades of gray- not black and white, or as in this country, Red vs. Blue when it comes to politics.

Would we have the interstates if it had been left up to every state on how to do it? Unlikely. There are some things central planning can and will do more efficiently than a committee or by consensus.

Do I believe in socialism? No. I don’t trust people in large groups to take care of everyone equally, nor do I believe we all contribute equally to society.

Do I believe in letting markets take care of themselves? After watching the accumulation of wealth via game theory in the Wall Street Casino I’d have to be insane to think that even our businesses that have their stock traded there agree with what is happening. How can it be that a guy who buys and sells stock- makes more than the guy who actually makes the things people want and need? Something’s very wrong there.

The decline of the American worker, the expansion of credit, the transfer of wealth from the needy to the greedy is taking place at epic scale, at a rapid pace. If we re-elect corporate tools like Mike Turner to Congress, we will hasten the fall of our country to special interests and the wizards of Wall Street.

If you need proof- go look at the former GM facilities in town, look at one of his prime donors – NCR, look at others: Iams, and DHL

Watch the video- share your thoughts. Please. If I’m going to be your representative, I want to have a discussion about ideas- not about personalities or dogma.

Thank you.

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