Something fun to do in Dayton.

The “other professional sports team” finished number one in their division and is going to the playoffs. Unlike the Dragons- The Dayton Bombers play for the Kelly Cup– a real award, that actually means something.

The Bombers’ first playoff game is Sunday, April 15th 2007, at 5pm at the Nutter Center– and then they play game number 2 on Monday at 7.

I found this very odd TV spot from Romanian Sport TV on YouTube.

I think the translator messed things up a bit- but, you get the point- the Bombers are in the playoffs and they want you to come. That’s Yannick Tifu in the video- the Bombers’ leading scorer- his parents are from Romania- but he didn’t really speak Romanian. He’s from Montreal- is a native French speaker- and his English is pretty good. The interviewer is Romanian- and works at Kettering Medical Center. In case you are wondering how I know all this- my agency, The Next Wave, did the spot.

It’s been revised- apparently- the translator made some mistakes.

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