The Sopranos in seven minutes

I have to blame my friend Frederick Berry, II, for this- but he turned me into a Sopranos fan. Made HBO worth the crazy $70 a month- just to watch a single hour on Sunday nights.

I’ve totally ditched cable except the $10 a month basic feed (so I can have public access TV) so now, I have to go visit friends to watch.

Tonight starts the final “season” of the Sopranos, and if you aren’t up to date- this exquisite production runs you through the whole first 6.5 seasons in seven minutes. Normally, HBO would be suing YouTube and sending a cease and desist order, but David Chase, creator of “The Sopranos” said he laughed so hard- he urged them to leave it up.

Take a watch- for you Sopranos fans, you’ll be laughing your #^$(@! @$$ off. For those of you who’ve missed out on the best show ever produced for television- you might get the drift.

Thanks to Mom Esrati, who I introduced to the show via DVD’s for this link. Sorry you won’t be catching the show tonight- and thanks to Scott and Jen next door for inviting me over.

If there was ever a case for TV over IP- “The Sopranos” is it. I’d pay more than the iTunes $1.99 per show to watch the Sopranos a day later.

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