Should we worry yet?


I’m not going to go on a rant about how I believe our country is in peril- watch the flash link above- and feel free to comment.

When I look at the CEO of DP&L making a million dollar bonus, while his customers are unable to keep their heat on- I think we have a problem. After all- how hard can it really be to sell electricity? Do you have to have brilliant marketing strategy? Worry about the competition? You get the point. Business 101: Profit is a return for a risk- yet to be the CEO of DP&L you assume zero risk.

When I look at banks and credit card companies charging people up to 30% interest on credit card debt- while allowing people to continue to charge- I once again wonder- is anybody thinking?

Look at the record number of foreclosures in the State of Ohio- from “legal” yet- predatory lending- and I wonder- if there is no one left to pay property taxes- how will government survive?

When the country worries more about being attacked from overseas- while our own people are being robbed of decent jobs, affordable education, healthcare and even our Constitutional rights- what kind of country are we protecting?

I’m not saying that voting Democrat is the answer either- until we take the lobbyists out and shoot them, we will continue to have the best politicians money can buy.

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Although I think the points illustrated in the Bushflash are a bit of a stretch, I do agree with the points you are making within your post. White collar robbery through vastly inflated salaries and bonuses as well as raiding of stock within corporations – both public and private – has become the norm rather than the exception.

I tend to support Republican candidates primarily because they usually are more supportive of our military, however, there are many bad apples on both sides of the aisle.

Perhaps what is happening within our country is more of a sociological issue that has to do with the particular generation that has come into leadership, in government as well as in business?