Scale, Scope and Effect: Culture of Corruption

Watching the members of the Dayton City Commission scurry to their cars to avoid saying anything, seeing the Mayor give a late statement and hearing that the City is going to investigate themselves probably didn’t help instill public confidence at all.

The shutting down of the Human Relations Council, which is also the States Minority Business Assistance Center doesn’t help keep small businesses benefiting from government contracting.

Watching political leaders of both parties deny that there are issues with the way they’ve done their deals in the backrooms for decades was just icing on a very bad moldy cake. The FBI’s biggest problem is where to start first and how many people do they have to scare straight to put the whole Monarchy of Montgomery County on notice that the good old days of hiring your brother, a convicted rapist, into the Board of Elections are over (yes, it really did happen). Or the City Managers daddy was storing porn on a city computer while “working” (yes, it really did happen) or…. you get the point.

Just remember, the Montgomery County Democratic Party endorsed Clayton Luckie, Joey Williams and now is endorsing Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw in the upcoming run-off election for Dayton City Commission. They also endorsed three of the fools on the Dayton School Board who were trying to hand over board duties to oversee the districts investments to the treasurer and the superintendent on Tuesday night before the only sane one, John McManus, schooled them on the law (note, Al-Hamdani is nominally an attorney).

When I questioned the FBI, DOJ and State AG why they were only capable of indicting and cuffing black men in this town for corruption, the Dayton Daily refused to attribute my question. Today, they repeated my name, over and over and yet weren’t directly quoting.

Those on the ballot are incumbents Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph, plus challengers David Esrati, Valerie Duncan and Shenise Turner-Sloss.

“If it doesn’t impact the city commission races, there’s something very wrong,” said Esrati….

Esrati, who previously has run for a commission seat, said Shaw and Joseph — the candidates endorsed by the Montgomery County Democratic Party — are part of what he called a culture of corruption that has hurt the community for a long time.

Esrati said the city’s corrupt and unfair activities include spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on properties they then hand over to developers basically for free. He said this creates an uneven playing field for businesses.

Esrati said the incumbent commissioners are “yes” men who do the bidding of the top players in the Democratic Party, which he described as a “monarchy” that takes care of friends.

“This is a real opportunity for the people of Dayton to say, ‘Enough’s enough,’ ” said Esrati, referring to the upcoming elections.

Esrati said voters should elect two new commissioners this fall because corruption has happened on Shaw’s and Joseph’s watch.

Esrati also said the city cannot be trusted to investigate itself, even using an outside firm because it is still being paid by the city.

Esrati said he supports creating an elected position of chief ethics officer to provide oversight and accountability to government offices and agencies.

Source: Charges could affect Dayton races – Dayton Daily News

If you live in Dayton and somehow don’t think that there is a “culture of corruption” here, by all means, vote for Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw, but if you’re sick of being fleeced by these folks, let’s make one thing absolutely clear- there is only one candidate on the ballot who has been pointing these things out for decades (this blog began in 2005 and has over 2800 posts, and my youtube channel has over 350 videos).

Watch the full interview with Cory Frolik of the Dayton Daily news and Jim Otte from Ch 7 here:

Let’s be clear, the FBI could spend several lifetimes investigating and indicting and trying cases in Dayton for corruption. But, what we need to do to stop things like this from happening is very simple. I’ll lay it out in bullet points so that there is no confusion:

  • Reduce and eliminate the number of elected offices in Montgomery County. Too many offices and too much duplication make it hard for watchdogs to keep track of funds. Call this Regionalization.
  • Ban anyone working in a job under an elected official from being on the central committee of either party to stop the patronage/pay-to-play politics that give people like Russ Joseph 9 lives as an appointed elected official.
  • Create an elected office in every county that is non-partisan, as a chief ethics officer that will help and assist citizens with filing records requests, Open Meetings Act violations, oversee the board of elections and assist in ballot/petition processes.
  • Create a restriction on funding any non-profit/quasi-governmental operation that receives more than 10% of its funding from government sources of any kind. With tax dollars there must be elected oversight.
  • Ban donations to political campaigns from other political campaign funds.
  • Any political party must make available all resources such as mailing discounts, or databases to any party member running for office or lose their status as an official party.
  • All requests from government for public bid must include a score sheet in the bid package, that must be rated and returned with recommendations, signed by evaluators and available for review by bidders and the public at large. All bids must be placed on a central site maintained by the county. Registered businesses would be auto-notified of opportunities.
  • The Sunshine Laws, Open Meetings Act, ORC 121.22 needs to remove the clause for removal from office at the discretion of the county prosecutor or the AG and be replaced with the discretion of the judge or jury in an OMA case. The $500 “per occurrence” fine needs to be re-labeled “per violation” to include every single rebuff, threat, message sent in violation with a cap of $100,000. Also, since we now have an ethics office, they will provide technical assistance to pro-se litigants at no-charge.

I welcome other suggestions in the comments for new rules to end corruption in Montgomery County.


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