Rex lies in ad, someone call the BBB

A full page ad said “everything in the store 25% off” – starts today at 10am.

So- at 10am I sent a friend to see if we could snag a 34″ Sony XBR WEGA tv for $450. I just bought one, and a friend just bought one for $599 (this set ran $2700 when new 2 years ago- and is one of the top rated CRT TV’s of all time- it also weighs in at 200lbs).

However, Rex’s idea of a 25% off sale, is to mark the floor model at $799 and sell it for $599. Sorry folks- that ain’t 25% off your regular price. That’s false advertising.

As someone in advertising- it makes me ill.

Stuart Rose (CEO of Rex), you should be ashamed.

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