How to save a quick 1.2 billion dollars?

Homes are being foreclosed on, people are going broke paying for medical care even with insurance, and soldiers are dying in Iraq- so, instead of taking care of all of us, the government is spending 1.2 billion dollars on new armored vehicles to protect our troops from IED’s.

Bad news. It won’t work.

There is only one way to protect troops in a war- end it. With no end in sight, we may as well start dropping our old nukes on Iraq to whip them into shape. If there was one thing I learned in Special Forces- is that no matter how big and bad you think you are- there is always someone who can kick your ass.

It’s sort of a law of escalating innovation. You build a better smart phone, Apple builds the iPhone. When you talk about weaponry, it’s the same thing. The new vehicles won’t work against shaped charges- the kind that the “evildoers” in Iraq are using- and yet, we continue to invest in this bad decision.

“Fighting the terrorists there, so we don’t have to fight them here” is a sad excuse for a war. I say, bring it on- let Mohammad come over- and see how well he fares against every redneck with a Colt hanging in the back of his pick-up truck- or the gang-bangers on the street. Give us some targets- some real live bad ass terrorists. I say, we’re getting our butts kicked in the pocketbook by fear more than by force.

If this war was a business decision- it’s a loser. Buying new armor ain’t the solution- we’d do better to just hand over the billions to the Iraqis as bounties for killing their own off- and sit back and let the most cutthroat bad ass rise back to the top just like Saddam. That’s the only way you will have peace in a country that is hell bent on fighting each other and us.

Reality sucks for our President. But, sure is good for the defense industry.

I know this isn’t my normal topic- but, I thought I’d stick it up as a reminder to all of us that we are letting good men and women die and suffer awful injuries in a fight that isn’t going to end nice and neatly like WWII. Say a prayer- call your congressman- go watch the new Michael Moore film Sicko- and think about what could we be doing to make America a better place, instead of trying to fix a civil war in Iraq.

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