Returning calls isn’t really optional in City Hall.

Memo to employees of the City of Dayton: When a citizen, a taxpayer, a potential citizen or potential taxpayer calls it’s not optional to return the call.(btw- that should cover everyone).

Ignoring 5 messages left for you is inexcusable- and should be grounds for termination.

Unfortunately, John Gower, head of the department of planning doesn’t understand this. I’ve been calling him ever since I wrote the post:How many pounds of flesh to invest in Dayton

I saw John walking on E. Third street just East of the Cannery today and stopped to talk to him. I asked if he’d gotten my messages. He said he had, and he “didn’t feel like talking to me after my hateful and incorrect post.”

I pointed out to him that the beauty of this site is that you can correct and respond to the post. He doesn’t believe in that- or even reading blogs, but he had read this post. He said I was uniformed, had facts wrong, and didn’t listen.

So, I’d say we’re even.

He doesn’t seem to understand that his primary job is customer service, and by not returning calls- he’s not providing it. His second job is to keep the citizens informed of issues that affect them. Considering I’d been to two of the meetings on the issue and was still “uninformed” says that he wasn’t keeping people who were interested in the issue informed very well. And, as to not listening- well, not answering your phone or returning calls, that’s great listening technique as well.

I think John Gower is one of the most visionary thinkers in City Hall. It’s too bad he doesn’t understand how modern web technology can help make sure that issues are not only well documented and open to all, but the discussion is as well.

That’s what I do here, as best I can- and I’m not paid $80K plus a year to do it. You are John.

Returning phone calls isn’t optional. Sorry, to make an example out of you, but I think it’s time that City Hall had a lesson in customer service. If you lead a department by example, it’s no wonder people think developing projects in Dayton is painful.

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