Real American Hero’s have nothing to do with Bud light

I have an intern who is in love with the “Real American Hero’s” campaign for Bud Light. We had a discussion in my veterans group today about who is a war hero and who isn’t- after being invited to yet another seemingly pointless networking event for veteran owned businesses to “connect with government buyers” which is sponsored by Rep. Jean Schmidt (famous for making an idiot of herself right after she got John Boehner’s old seat).

As we approach yet another 4th of July, where our country is supposed to celebrate our independence and our freedom, in a country that is increasingly less of both, I thought I would point you to a post by another Daytonian about a true American Hero- a guy I’ve never met- named Steve Miller- who was born in my hometown, Celina, and went through hell to put an end to an evil dictator.

I have to admit, right now, while we have soliders dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m aghast at our so called leaders who are arguing about things like flag burning, gay marriage and abortion. With interest rates climbing again today, a middle class being squeezed out of existance and CEO’s making millions while they send jobs overseas- and government spending totally out of control, I’m not sure that this country still cares about the ideals that Steve Miller fought for- where all men are created equal.

Go read it:

Note to author Bob Higgins, I can’t comment on your site from a Mac.

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