Qbase? or Qbust? Qbase has left the building.

The company that forced its employees to donate to political campaigns or risk losing their jobs- Qbase, is apparently coming apart at the seams. Major firings this week including CEO Willard Pardue’s executive assistant and the son of the company’s “president” or “CFO” depending on where you look. Also taking one for the team is the father of one of the forced donors to Steve Austria’s campaign.

They are also vacating the building off 675 that has their sign on it- and moving to smaller digs (still owned by Mills/Morgan) at the Acropolis.

This company was the darling of the Dayton Development Coalition and the Dayton Daily News. They tried to portray Willard Pardue and his corporate welfare scam, where he got taxpayers to “invest” in his company as a new model for how “economic development” should be done, as some kind of business guru.

This is just one of the ways your tax dollars have been misused over time in the name of economic development. It’s why we need open honest government and better journalism in Dayton. The no-bid contracts to Congressman Turner’s wife, the earmarks for NCR that were yanked when they pulled up stakes, the continuing flow of tax dollars to private companies must stop.

I may not get elected by the people, but I’m not going to stand by and let the wool continue to be pulled over people’s eyes.

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