Let’s put a face on unemployment

The latest news is that pouring money into road construction as “stimulus” didn’t work the way it was supposed to. Of course, when at least 10% of the workforce is unemployed, it’s not a matter of buying your way out of the situation. We need systemic change, and we need it fast. It’s time to stop bailing out the millionaires who pay for election campaigns, and start looking at putting in place ratios that limit pay against how many employees you have- and what they’re paid.

Why? Because if they can’t find jobs- and unemployment runs out, we’ll have a big segment of our population ready to turn to crime to survive.

Hopefully- it won’t come to that.

But, to make it relevant- in a personal way- I’d like to introduce you to my friend Justin the goalie. He doesn’t have a degree, but has worked in hospitality, retail, light manufacturing and administration. He was working for a retail chain called InkStop until last October, when they suddenly closed up shop and stiffed all their employees:

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — InkStop Inc., a specialty retailer of ink, toner, consumer electronics and other supplies for small businesses and home offices, abruptly told its employees that it was shuttering all 152 stores nationwide as of Friday and laying off all workers until further notice.

via InkStop abruptly closes all 152 retail stores and lays off all workers | Business – cleveland.com – cleveland.com.

Since then, he’s been applying like crazy. No luck.

We sat down today and had a brief talk about how hard working and willing to work people who can’t find work these days.

Justin needs a job. If you would like to hire him, here’s his resume PDF: Justin Sharpe Resume


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