Payback, Parachute or Patronage? Husted rehired by Dayton chamber

Still under scrutiny for violating election laws by voting from and representing a vacant house, the vacant suit makes a triumphant return to the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.

State Sen. Jon Husted has been hired by the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce to oversee its workforce development efforts, the organization said Friday, Jan. 30.

Husted, R-Kettering, will serve as director of workforce education and employer services for the chamber’s Education and Public Improvement Foundation while also continuing as a state senator.

Phil Parker, the chamber’s president, said Husted will join the organization on Feb. 1. Husted was one four people interviewed for the job, which attracted more than 60 applicants, Parker said….

The move marks a return to the chamber for Husted. Until 2005, he worked part-time for the organization as executive director of its foundation, leaving that job when he became house speaker. Between 1997 and 2000, he was the chamber’s vice president of economic development…

Husted said many of Ohio’s legislators hold other jobs outside elected office, and he sees no conflict between his role as a legislator and his work with the chamber.

“I’m advocating for macro issues that are good for the community in my role in the chamber, not anything specific to a business or anything like that,” he said.

As a state senator, Husted has a base salary of $60,583.70.

Parker and Husted declined to say how much the chamber job will pay.

via Husted to join Dayton chamber.

One can only wonder how out of 60 applicants, a man who said his Speaker of the House job took so much time that he had to live in Columbus- is now going to have time for a side job as a lobbyist (that’s what the Chamber does mostly- lobby).

Any time a job title reads as long as this “director of workforce education and employer services for the chamber’s Education and Public Improvement Foundation” you should realize this is a made up position. It’s been leaked to me that Parker was seriously ticked off at the Dayton School Board and Dr. Stanic for hiring a Cleveland PR firm no-bid. Could this be a move to make their lives hell- since Husted is a cheerleader for charter schools?

Or is this just another case of Dayton’s chronic “good ole boy” network taking care of its own– just in case Jon gets a spanking and is sent home from the Senate. By hiring him now, it doesn’t look the same when he’s got his tail between his legs (where it belongs) for breaking the law.

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