Pay for performance for Politicians?

Chart showing median income in Dayton- and comparing metro areas nationallyWhen I first ran for Mayor against Richard Clay Dixon (and Mike Turner) I had proposed to tie my salary to the median income of the residents of Dayton- which back then was about $18,000 for a family of four. Didn’t make sense for a part-time Mayor to make more. That was when being Mayor of Dayton only paid about $28,000. It’s now up areound $36,000, but the median income is $25,000.

Why not tie salary to average income? Why not pay for performance? Why not have some metrics that matter- instead of always focusing on “job creation”- instead of on wealth creation (see the Chuck Horm post below)?

Somehow, we have to start looking at ways to do things different in Dayton- because it’s becoming obvious that our solutions of the past aren’t making the kind of progress we need.

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