Is it time for a unified areawide income tax?

OIA moving to Beavercreek isn’t news- but, could one reason they are moving is to give their employees an instant 2.25% pay raise?

Compare Beavercreek and Washington Township- both income tax free, to Dayton and you start to see an uneven playing field.

Maybe, it’s time to look at a regional income tax, administered by a regional organization (like MVRPC only better)- that can distribute a portion of the income taxes based on what works best of the region and the rest distributed by head count.

The costs of administering so many different jurisdictions income tax to business is a counterproductive one as well. Who is going to lead this idea?

Here is the article from Dayton Politics -from the Dayton Business Journal- that got this post started: » Blog Archive » Dayton marketing firm headed for Beavercreek

An Oregon District marketing company is moving to Beavercreek. OIA Marketing Communications will move from its Brown Street location to Signal Hill TechneCenter in Beavercreek by the end of the month, the company announced Monday.

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