Ohio License plate fees

As the State goes broke and is looking for ways to raise revenue (without raising taxes) look to new fees, penalties and other scams to reach into your pocket. We already saw dog licenses go up (still no need to license cats- which I don’t understand). Greg got hit with the new late fee for license plate renewal- which was put in place to replace gas tax revenue that funds the State Highway Patrol.:

Ohio drivers have been stung by more than 300,000 fines for missing deadlines to renew their driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations since the $20 penalties went into effect in October.

About one in six drivers renewing licenses and one in 10 renewing registrations were hit with the fine in October, November and December, according to statistics released yesterday by the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The fines, which were slipped into the state transportation budget last spring, have yielded more than $6.4 million in new revenue for the State Highway Patrol….

Since Oct. 1, drivers more than seven days late on a renewal have been assessed a $20 fee. The penalty was part of a series of new and higher fees that lawmakers stuffed into the two-year, $9.6 billion transportation budget, largely to replace gas-tax revenue that previously had been a major funding source for the patrol.

Lawmakers also increased the fees for vanity license plates, temporary tags and vision screenings.

via Driver’s license late fees piling up | Columbus Dispatch Politics.

I take a rather unpopular position that Ohio should inspect vehicles and require them to meet basic safety requirements- like bumpers, windshields, lights- you know – the basics.

It’s still a lot cheaper to register your car in Ohio than in Kentucky- which charges a property tax on cars.

Of course, the gas tax was unpopular when gas prices went up- and people were cringing all over the state every time they went to the pump. This is the part about sprawl that Ohioans don’t understand- roads cost money- and so do the police to patrol them. The money has to come from somewhere- and this is why all you “Fair” taxers should love the gas tax- since it’s a consumption tax. The problem rolls in that it becomes a value added tax since so much of our other merchandise is shipped by truck.

Here is Greg and I in a 5 minute discussion about the matter (and yes- we’re trying to make these video bits shorter).


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