OH-3 Join me as I collect signatures.

Last time I ran for Congress I made a commercial that showed you the houses of my opponents- which don’t look like, or have the kind of mortgage that most of the citizens in Ohio 3 have. I called it “Represent” and it’s very important to me.

It’s important because the whole concept of the House- with its short 2-year terms- was for real people to take leave of their “day job” and go “represent” the people. The founding fathers would be disgusted if they now knew it cost a million dollars to run for Congress- and that it had become a cesspool of career politicians. The idea that there were barriers to entry- like fund-raising and non-stop campaigning- would be abhorrent. The idea that political districts would be gerrymandered to give preference to one party or another would be unthinkable. Yet, that’s the world we live in.

I believe in a return of the House to the people. I won’t, and never have, accepted money from special interest groups. And although I welcome endorsements, my positions are absolutely clear- they appear on this site- over the last four plus years- in black and white, for all to discuss. There is no dodging of the hard “hot button questions”– just my thoughts on what has interested me. I believe in smaller government, that provides and supports equal opportunity to all in this country- especially for small businesses in government contracting (it’s time to come up with a GSA schedule EZ- and cut the average response to a proposal from hundreds of pages of boilerplate to a few meaningful pages of a contract). I believe in closing the Wall Street Casino and opening back a real financial market- where true investors- not gamblers, make real choices about a companies’ bottom line- and buy a true stake in the company (Apple – and every other business on the exchange- didn’t change the way it did business yesterday- but its stock price fell like it got hit with a recall or something).

I believe in a public option- and single payer. I don’t believe we could do health care without doctors- but I know for sure we could do it without the “mob”- the insurance companies- who’ve inserted themselves like crooks asking for a “scrape” of your health care costs- to pay for million dollar paychecks. It’s posts like this- that separate me from every other politician- and let me tell you- it’s not good for business either in this small-town minded city.

I’m not going to recap every position or idea. But, I am going to promise you a new kind of representation- one where you really know what’s going on with your Congressman- every step of the way. So, join me as I walk to collect my signatures- and hear my own mother, Nina- age 82, call me nuts for doing this. These are the people who are recommending me to represent you- not the special interests, not the big money political action committees and they are the reason I do this- although the handicappers wouldn’t give me (or anyone else) a 100-to-1 shot at beating Mike Turner this fall.

But, isn’t that what a democracy is about- having choices?

If you’d like to sign your name on video- please call me at 937-228-4433 to set up a time to stop by the office. Thank you for your support. Remember, you must be a Dem or undeclared- you must be a resident of Ohio 3, and you must believe that I belong in the “House of Representatives.”

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